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$250k fund launched for young Singaporeans to start social initiatives

Young people in Singapore who wish to champion causes such as mental health, suicide prevention or environmental sustainability can now tap a $250,000 grant to fund their initiatives.

The grant, which will give each approved project between $1,000 and $3,000, was announced at the annual Global Youth Leaders' Summit on Saturday (July 17).

It is funded by outdoor education company Innotrek and can be applied for through local charity FutuReady Asia's Character and Leadership Academy.

Following the announcement of the grant, Innotrek chief executive Tony Tan Tuan Tiong told The Straits Times: "This year, we got some of our business back, so we thought it would be nice to find a good cause… and channel (funds) back to the youth and their projects."

Mr Tan anticipates that many applicants will look at initiatives related to mental health and suicide prevention, as his staff have picked up on this trend among young people.

To read the full article on Strait Times, click here.


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