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Listening to Golovko's speech, Kozlov closed his eyes, nodded his head and showed a high degree of pleasure.

- You do not assume, citizen Ivanova, who called us?

I, of course, showed that I had no idea hier.

“I will ask you to think better, because with a high degree of probability it can be assumed that it was this person who gave you this important piece of evidence.

I again feigned complete ignorance. Golovko sighed and finished with a sour look:

We have no reason to keep you here. Therefore, after talking with your lawyer, we found an opportunity to change the measure of restraint.

- What measure? What measure?! Vasya, use your brains! cried Kozlov.

- I'm not Vasya! roared Golovko. In short, I don't want to argue. Give a written undertaking not to leave, and that's it.

- Yes, you flashed! - Kozlov rushed into battle.



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