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Inspiring, Impacting, Imparting, Influencing, Integrating, Internationalising Youth today for a better tomorrow

What We Do

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Inspiring youth and empowering the next generation

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Impacting lives and making a positive influence 

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Imparting skills to the future generation

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Influencing leaders of tomorrow

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Integrating communities to care for one another

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Internationalising cultures and preparing for a globalised society

Character & Leadership Academy is a youth development charity that seeks to engage, empower and equip youths of today, both local and international, with essential personal development and leadership skills, alongside appropriate character traits for an ever-changing world of tomorrow.


CLA was founded based on the belief that Personal Values and Character are the key foundations and life-smith of every youth leader, where in the absence of either would not allow them to effectively lead with pride and integrity.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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ASEAN Youth Community

The ASEAN Youth Community (AYC) is a network of and for young people across Southeast Asia, promoting inclusive and empowered youth participation.

Being established in seven-member states, representing different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, AYC has garnering a dynamic network of young trailblazers providing youth a profound platform to experience in-depth learning and youth development.

This ASEAN community

building achieves a better understanding of sustainable development, regional solidarity, and the overall ASEAN identity.

AYC also provides youth the opportunity to be involved in several advocacies and projects, ranging from humanitarian efforts to cultural exchanges and leadership camps. 

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Impact to the Community by Youth

Impact to the Community by Youth (Project I.C.Y.) - "Youth Initiatives that Matter, For Youth, By Youth." is a campaign encouraging youth to turn their ideas of community-based projects close to their hearts into reality by granting each approved project up to $1,000.


Tying in with the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit theme of ‘Matters That Matter’, the campaign seeks to empower youth to run initiatives that matter to them without the worry of funding, thereby creating a ripple effect of putting their best foot forward and caring for the community, regardless of age.

InnoTrek Pte. Ltd., an outdoor education organisation, has pledged $250,000 to kick start this campaign. 

Project I.C.Y. has been launched by Minister of State, Gan Siow Huang, at the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit on 17th July 2021. 


Global Youth Leaders' Summit

Every year, the Global Youth Leaders' Summit (GYLS) seeks to address pressing issues that youth face in today's world, and aims to be a catalyst for youth to gain the confidence and be equipped with skills to tackle these societal difficulties.

GYLS aims to empower youth regardless of age, nationality, religion or race to make a change in society, in the hopes for a better tomorrow.

GYLS is held every July, in conjunction with Youth Month and Nelson Mendela Day on the 18th. It is celebration of youth and to provide opportunities to discover themselves by learning, leading and serving. 

Join us on the 17th of July for the 2021 Edition of Global Youth Leaders' Summit!

As of 2021, we are proud to be recognised by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) as a member of good standing!

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1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #08-31 A'Posh Bizhub S(768160)

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