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Member of Parliament, Ms Tin Pei Ling, patron of CLA, launched the #SeeYouAgain campaign, which promotes the use of positive language as a tool to spread positivity especially to those who are harbouring negative thoughts at the 13th Global Youth Leaders’ Summit 2021. 

The slogan “SeeYouAgain”, when said, forms a commitment between the person saying it and the recipient, giving hope to any persons with negative thoughts that they are not alone. 

At the Summit, participants also watched a moving video on the effects suicide has on a person’s loved ones. The video, which featured interviews with people young and old on how the tragic loss of a loved one affected them, was built around the central question: What if the person you love decides to take their own life? You can watch the video here: 

Mr Delane Lim, Executive Director of Character and Leadership Academy said: “The use of positive language is one of the key elements to ensure a person who is going through tough times mentally does not veer towards suicide.”

We therefore urge you to be part of our campaign and pledge to use positive words to ensure the people in your own circle know that they are not alone, in whatever tough times they are going through. 

Here are some words that you can use that gives HOPE to those in despair. Download our WordsThatMatter Package here and be part of the movement today!

You never know who you will help save if you use the right words.

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