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CLA's next initiative encourages youth to turn their ideas of community-based projects close to their hearts into reality by granting each approved project up to $1,000.

ICY was launched by Minister of State, Gan Siow Huang, at the 13th Global Youth Leaders’ Summit and with support from InnoTrek Pte. Ltd., more than a 100 projects will be made a reality!

The Summit seeks to address pressing issues that youth face in today's world, and aims to be a catalyst for youth to gain the confidence and be equipped with skills to help them tackle these societal difficulties.

GYLS aims to empower youth to realise that regardless of age, nationality, religion or race, empower youth and make a change in society, in the hopes for a better tomorrow.

Bluestar Ideathon

The Bluestar Ideathon is a hackathon birthed for youths to create projects increasing mental wellness in other Singaporean youths.

In collaboration with Musim Mas and the BlueStar Fund, our Ideathons aim to give youths with a passion for helping the community, the opportunity to run such projects with mentoring and financial support.

Member of Parliament Ms Tin Pei Ling, who is a patron of CLA, launched the #SeeYouAgain campaign, which promotes the use of positive language as a tool to spread positivity especially to those who are harbouring negative thoughts at the 13th Global Youth Leaders’ Summit 2021. 

The slogan “SeeYouAgain”, when said, forms a commitment between the person saying it and the recipient, giving hope to any persons with negative thoughts that they are not alone. 

Every year, together with South Africa and the world, Character and Leadership Academy celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day on the 18th July 2021. The day commemorates Nelson Mandela, one of the great leaders of the past who’s actions and life story has inspired many to be changemakers themselves. 

Celebrated together with the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit in July, CLA aims to challenge youth to be today’s changemakers and perform positive actions that could create a ripple effect in our society.


#OpsHandsOn was launched by Character & Leadership Academy, FutuReady Asia and Innotrek Pte Ltd in partnership with CROWD PR on the 10th of February 2020.


The campaign aimed to encourage graciousness by ensuring that citizens who have higher risk of contracting the Corona Virus are better equipped with the necessary hygiene items and knowledge to battle the spread. 

The teams purchased and manually prepared bottles of hand sanitisers for elderly citizens, together with specific hygiene information to help battle the spread of the virus. 


This movement ensured that there is a roof over the heads of all in Singapore during the Covid 19 Pandemic, but to also provide encouragement and hope to all who feel that society might have forgotten them, during their time away from their loved ones. 


We gave aid to groups of displaced students and stranded Malaysian workers during this hard time and worked closely with various organisations that possess campsites as well as individual’s residences, to open up lodging spaces at minimal or no cost to house these students and stranded workers.

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