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Every year, together with South Africa and the world, Character and Leadership Academy celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day on the 18th July 2021. The day commemorates Nelson Mandela, one of the great leaders of the past who’s actions and life story has inspired many to be changemakers themselves. 

Celebrated together with the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit in July, CLA aims to challenge youth to be today’s changemakers and perform positive actions that could create a ripple effect in our society. 

This year, we are moving in tandem with the #Each1Feed1One campaign by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, challenging youth to give a food item to a migrant worker working in our community. This simple act can mean the world from them especially during this time of crisis, where many of them are not allowed to go back to their countries, even when their family members are suffering from the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

You too can be a changemaker. With a food item you have, bless one migrant worker today and be part of the #Each1Feed1 movement. Let us all be inclusive and bring motivation and hope to those who may not have anyone around them today.

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