If you are a youth up to 25 years old or in a family with youth below 18 years of age, and have a project that could help the community that you are in, then wait no more!

Sign up here with your project idea today!

Impact to the Community by Youth (Project I.C.Y.) - "Youth Initiatives that Matter, For Youth, By Youth." is an initiative encouraging youth to turn their ideas of community-based projects close to their hearts into reality by granting approved individual projects up to $1,000 and group projects up to $3,000.


Tying in with the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit theme of ‘Matters That Matter’, the Project seeks to empower youth to run initiatives that matter to them without the worry of funding, thereby creating a ripple effect of putting their best foot forward and caring for the community, regardless of age.

Project I.C.Y. was launched on the 17th of July 2021 by Minister of State, Gan Siow Huang, during the 13th Global Youth Leaders’ Summit.

InnoTrek Pte. Ltd., an Outdoor Education Organisation, has also pledged $250,000 our initiative.

Project I.C.Y. is looking to award grants to 100 projects as part of it's initiate roll out phase and is targeting to support 250 youth-led projects eventually.

Read below to see how you can make your community project ideas into reality!

Step 1. Check if you are a youth up to 25 years old or part of a family with youth below the age of 18.

Step 2. Propose a project that addressed a gap in a community circle. Examples of community circles are the vulnerable, elderly, persons with disabilities and migrant workers. Your proposal should include:

- Your project name,

- Its purpose,

- The community and the gap addressed,

- What the project is,

- The location your project will take place,

- The budget list.

Step 3. Submit the proposal through the sign up form and a dedicated panel from Character Leadership Academy and InnoTrek Pte Ltd. will review your proposal, which will take typically 3 weeks.

Step 4. Once your project gets approval, you and/or your group will receive up to 80% of project cost funding capped at $1,000. 80% of the grant fund at approval and 20% of the grant fund at completion and submission of final report


Some things to take note!

- Projects are evaluated based on Need, Impact, Beneficiary, Sustainability

- All expenses will be considered except prize money and lucky draws

- You can submit as many as you want! But one at a time.

You have to successfully complete your current project before submitting a new one.

- Projects already funded by existing grants are encouraged to apply to offset expenses that are not yet covered.