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World Mental Health Day is held on October 10 every year as a global platform to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate for better mental health care and support systems.

In Singapore, the day is a key opportunity to reflect on the state of mental health in the country, discuss progress made, and address ongoing challenges.

In recent years, Singapore has made significant progress in increasing mental health awareness and support. The government and various non-profit organizations have been working hard to reduce the social stigma associated with mental health conditions and promote a more open and compassionate society.

The coronavirus pandemic has also highlighted the importance of mental health in the face of unprecedented challenges.

A key achievement in Singapore’s mental health sector is the implementation of the National Mental Health Blueprint, which sets out a comprehensive plan to enhance mental health services and support, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and community care.

These initiatives are vital to ensuring individuals with mental health problems can get help when they need it.


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