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Allocate more resources to preventing suicides

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More needs to be done in Singapore's mental wellness scene, to allocate resources and equip our young people with the coping mechanism to deal with adversity and an uncertain future.

With a worrying trend of young people taking their lives, we need to step up our outreach ("Teen suicides highest in 15 years but overall rate falls'"; July 26).

Unfortunately, schools may be equipped with counsellors, but they are often not adequately equipped with the right skillset to connect with young people and manage those with mental "unwellness".

As Asians, we often shy away from taboo topics such as suicide. We need to shape our society such that we are open to ask if someone is suicidal or has thoughts of committing suicide.

In this way, we help the other party to understand that someone acknowledges their intentions and is watching their well-being.

We need to take responsibility and be committed to be gatekeepers of our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Delane Lim Zi Xuan

To read the full article on Strait Times, click here.


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