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Distribution of #BlessinginABag @ Henderson

#BlessinginABag, #OpsHandsOn, #OpsRoofUp with MP Joan Pereira

Cleaners are our most important people in our town. They are essential workers and unsung heroes working hard to make sure our estates are always clean.

Simply Start your day by thanking them for their service, perhaps giving them an red packet or even offering them some drinks or New Year goodies. Most importantly, do our part by clearing our own trash, tying them properly and disposing them correctly. They too need a break from their work to celebrate CNY with their families and friends.

We also took this morning opportunity to visit the elderly staying alone in the vicinity to bless them with our CareKits! Thanks Rose Tan for securing SCS Dairy Singapore who sponsored the pineapple tarts and the team from FutuReady ASIA and Innotrek for delievering and packing the CareKits islandwide today! Special mention to Temasek Trust’s #oscarsgfund for making it happen!

Take this CNY to bless someone today!

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