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Tool kit with suicide prevention guidelines launched at Global Youth Leaders' Summit

Developed after a youth survey, it includes tips to improve mental health awareness, helping youths develop coping strategies

Chia Han Keong· Editor Sun, 10 September 2023 at 8:00 am SGT

A suicide prevention tool kit called Mind-Go-Round was launched at the 15th Global Youth Leaders' Summit. (PHOTO: Mike Lim)

SINGAPORE — A tool kit to equip youths with suicide prevention guidelines and recommendations to improve mental health awareness was launched at the 15th Global Youth Leaders' Summit at the Common Ground Civic Centre on Saturday (9 September).

The tool kit, called "Mind-Go-Round", was developed by the Character and Leadership Academy (CLA) through the HappYouth Annual Survey, which was done on 286 youths across Singapore on their thoughts related to mental health issues.

It focuses on four key areas: self-awareness, self-discovery, self-coping mechanisms, and available resources and help. It seeks to provide individuals with the knowledge to better understand mental health, identify automatic negative thoughts and develop coping strategies.

Around 350 peer leaders received the tool kit at the summit, and took part in a three-hour peer support training programme which teaches them to recognise those who may be at risk of suicide, and take appropriate steps to seek help and support.

The Mind-Go-Round mental health tool kit. (PHOTO: CLA)

The Mind-Go-Round mental health tool kit. (PHOTO: CLA)"Our aim is to continually update and expand the tool kit's contents, ensuring that it remains a relevant and reliable source of assistance," said Delane Lim, CLA's executive director.

"To make it accessible to as many people as possible, the toolkit will be distributed during trainings, community outreach events, and in schools, with the same QR codes printed on it."

This years Global Youth Leaders’ Summit - was held in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day, and was attended by 150 youths from 15 secondary schools and tertiary institutions, and joined by 200 overseas participants on Zoom.

According to statistics released by the Samaritans of Singapore in July, suicide remains the leading cause of death for youths aged 10 to 29 for the fourth consecutive year, constituting 38.7 per cent of all deaths within this age group. At the same time, an 11.6 per cent increase in suicide deaths was recorded in 2022. Individuals and youth organisations can email if they wish to receive the tool kit.

The 15th Global Youth Leaders' Summit, with Minister of State for Education Gan Siow Huang (centre) as the guest-of-honour. (PHOTO: Mike Lim)


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