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$1 million fund launched to help deliver mental health programmes for youths

SINGAPORE — A $1 million fund was launched on Saturday (18 July) to provide grants to non-profit organisations that deliver mental health programmes and services for school-going children and youths.

Called the Musim Mas BlueStar* Fund, this initiative was launched at the 12th Global Youth Leaders Summit by local philanthropic organisation The Majurity Trust (TMT) and leading palm oil company Musim Mas Holdings.

Character and Leadership Academy (CLA), which organised the virtual summit, is the first recipient from the fund, which is provided for through a cash donation by Musim Mas as part of its multi-million-dollar care fund, Project Onward.

CLA is a youth development agency which develops and conducts youth suicide prevention work in Asia. It seeks to help young people understand and manage stress and depression.

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