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Families attend e-camp complete with virtual campfire

L-R: Mdm Siti Alina Talib's 3 children, Hadi, 8, Hannah, 6, and Haikel, 11, in their fully set-up tent at home. They are one of more than 60 families who took part in Camp-V.

Over 60 families took part in Camp-V, an overnight virtual family camp organized by the Character and Leadership Academy (CLA), where participants pitched tents, played games and even enjoyed a virtual campfire.

Conducted via Zoom video conferencing, Camp-V is the first in a series of e-camps aimed to bring families from different socio-economic backgrounds together through various activities and by bringing outdoor elements into the household setting.

Each family was given a camp kit, sponsored by sports and outdoor apparel and equipment company, Next Factor. The kit comprised of a four-man tent, ready-to-eat meals, flint, catapult-making materials, paint, buff, a 20-litre waterproof dry bag and traditional heritage games.

Said Mdm Siti Alina Talib, 40: “My family loves the outdoors, so when we learnt about Camp-V we registered immediately. "The kids enjoyed themselves very much, and I was happy to be able to have this time to bond as a family."

"Virtual programmes are becoming the new norm, and I am happy that we are adapting our livelihood to embrace it," said Chua Chu Kang MP Don Wee, the guest-of-honour at the e-camp. “I hope Camp-V widens our perspective on what we can do with the new tools we have, especially to keep our families closely knit.”

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