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Coronavirus: Two companies giving out face masks and hand sanitisers to 5,000 senior citizens

SINGAPORE - More than 5,000 senior citizens will receive free face masks and hand sanitisers, which have been supplied by two private companies.

Outdoor camp operators Innotrek and FutuReady Asia have prepared one face mask and a bottle of hand sanitiser for each senior citizen.

Mr Delane Lim, the founder of FutuReady Asia, said the idea was sparked by "anger"at profiteers who were jacking up prices of the face masks and hand sanitisers.

Some residents were also not aware that they should not wear masks unless they are sick, he added.

"But it's a form of reassurance to have one on hand. So we decided to reach out to the elderly to tell them when to wear masks and when to use hand sanitisers," said Mr Lim.

Mr Tony Tan, the managing director of Innotrek, said it was a good way for him and his staff to help the community.

"Nothing much is happening for our businesses at this point in time, so we might as well come out and do something good," said Mr Tan, explaining that schools have cancelled their camps and other activities in light of the ongoing coronavirus situation.

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