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Body cameras for safety

The technology will allow operators to detect and rectify any lapses in real time

The Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education Association (OLAE) has urged its members to do more to enhance the level of safety in high-element outdoor activities following recent accidents involving such activities in schools.

Yesterday, Ed-Venture Collective, which comprises four camp operators, Character & Leadership Academy, FutuReady Asia, Innotrek and the School of Outdoor Learning, inked a memorandum of understanding with technology firm OMG Solutions to pilot the use of body cameras during adventure activities on their campsites.

Besides functioning as a training tool, the technology will allow operators to watch in real time from a remote location and communicate to instructors on the ground if they detect any lapses. The footage can also be reviewed in the event of an accident to determine what went wrong.

Delane Lim, founder of FutuReady Asia, said the recent incidents had accelerated its plans to use cameras during activities.

He added: "It may not become an industry practice but we want to do more to enhance safety during activities and gain the confidence of the public."

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